Jennifer Winkelmann, MA, LPC, NCC


Jennifer Winkelmann, MA, LPC, NCC is the Founder of Inward Bound, LLC. As a family therapist, Jen’s primary clinical focus is adoption and foster care issues, including the impact of early trauma and the spectrum of relationship difficulties that result from disrupted attachments.  While Jen specializes in work with children who have suffered attachment trauma, she also offers services for couples addressing marital issues and to adult individuals seeking help with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, stress, and grief/loss.

Her approach is family centered, using a combination of psycho-education and regulatory therapy. She completed her graduate studies in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Colorado at Denver.  Her clinical experience includes:

  • Therapy, consultation, and coaching for families with attachment challenged children (both international and domestic adoptions)

  • Intensive attachment and regulatory therapy

  • Clinician, treatment foster care programs

  • Training for parents, educators, and mental health professionals on facilitating healing for wounded children

  • Serving as the Clinical Director at a metro-Denver agency

  • Counseling for Couples and Adult Individuals

  • Residential and day treatment facilities for high-risk youth

  • Clinical Supervision and Consultation Services for other mental health professionals


Inward Bound contracts with a small handful of therapists who are gifted in work with adoptive & foster families and individuals with histories of trauma.  Please reach out to the office to learn more about these therapists with "the touch" for attachment wounds.