What to Expect

TRAUMA-Informed Therapeutic and Counseling Programs

Adoptive Parents and Their Children

Therapeutic counseling services treat the whole family to address an adoptive child’s trauma history and his/her adjustment into the family system.  Common challenges cited by adoptive parents who seek this service are: questions about bonding & attachment, sleep and food issues, behavioral difficulties, etc.


Named for John Bowlby’s conclusions about how our first three years of life inform our relational blueprints over the lifespan, this is a six to ten week therapy cycle for Pre-Adoptive Parents who want to be proactive in the process of attachment and bonding with their “to be” children.  In collaboration with Jen, Moms and Dads identify their unique potential stumbling blocks for building an intimate and reciprocal relationship with their child (who will come with his/her own blueprint, informed by his/her trauma history).  Parents can participate in this program at any point in the life-long process of being and adoptive family, but find the greatest benefit if they engage in the program in the season prior to accepting placement.

Phone Consultation & Coaching

While not technically a therapeutic service, the Phone Consultation program affords families outside the Denver Metro area and across the United States the opportunity to engage in clinical consultation related to adoption, foster care, trauma, and attachment issues.  Some out-of-geographic-area families require on-going support, so Phone Consultation services can transition into a monthly or bi-weekly Coaching Call.

FOSTER FAMILIES & Foster Children

Foster children often present unique challenges to their caregivers.  Support services are offered directly to children and to foster families as a means of stabilizing placements, providing a steady foundation for children in the throes of uncertainty, and helping children heal from prior emotional wounds.

Adult Individuals

Inward Bound serves adult individuals from many walks of life.  Generally, people who seek this service are looking for support with grief and loss, facing challenges associated with life transitions, or are experiencing strain in relationships.


Healthy relationships are a four-letter word: WORK.  Specializing in work with families means that we need to be skilled at supporting the family's hub - the couple that is the foundation for the family.  If you find yourself struggling in your relationship with your partner, you do not have to navigate this territory alone.  Let us support you in restoring the lines of broken communication and help you find your ways back to one another.

CLINICAL Supervision

For mental health professionals working toward licensure and clinicians already licensed seeking collaboration with an expert in trauma, attachment, and child welfare issues.

SAFE Home study assessments

Jen is a certified SAFE Home Study assessor, and contracts with child placement agencies as the need arises for a home study.